Pride Mental Health Office Operations:

Responding To Coronavirus/Covid-19

December 14th, 2020

Thank you, All of you, for being strong. 

Thank you, All of you, for being patient, understanding, and committed to your own self growth and wellness. We remain committed to you, our community and all of its members. We are still here. We are still eager to help. We are still growing. 


You're doing a great job. Truly. Today came; you're a part of it, and I truly appreciate that. Remember to keep focusing on what is important; love, compassion, understanding, patience, and hope. Please, stay safe; stay healthy; stay focused.

You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

Take Pride in your Progress, Your Process, your Mental Health, and your Journey.

-Dane M. Mullen


Dear Community,

We continue working in full capacity, though our Front Office is locked, simply to help reduce any risk of any exposure. We are very eager to get back to face-to-face sessions and reconnect (in-person) with everyone. However, we are still recommending, and providing our Counseling services through, Telehealth Services as we continue navigating through the daily changes we are all facing.

While our Counseling services are available through our HIPPA compliant Telehealth platforms, our extended services (Case Management, CBRS, and Peer/Family Support Services) are all being offered in person, in the community. Every one of our team members take the risks associated with working in the community very seriously, and each of them are taking appropriate steps to avoid any risk of exposure. We want to respect social standards while doing all we can to ensure clients are as safe and comfortable as possible.

In our attempts to continue adjusting and remain flexible to necessary adjustments and changes based on new and developing information, we also remain committed to ensuring that we adhere to all safety concerns and the ever changing "social norms" and expectations. Here is what we anticipate our functionality looking like, until further notice.

The most important thing to remember, is that we want you to be healthycomfortable, and confident in the services you receive. We are ready... just say go.

If  you are stopping by and the door is locked (during business hours), simply ring the doorbell, or call us at 208.322.2928. We will be more than happy to come assist you.   

For scheduled meetings/appointments at our office(s), ring the doorbell (if doors are locked during business hours). We will come welcome you into the building. If we are unable to respond immediately, please wait in your vehicle, and we will come welcome you at the appointment time.

What to Expect - Protective Measures In The Office 

If meeting in person, in our offices, becomes necessary, please be prepared to discuss, and take, any steps/measures that will ensure that you, and all Pride Mental Health Staff, are as comfortable and safe as possible. These discussions will occur with front office staff, as well as with your professional provider(s). Again, we want you to feel comfortable and respected.

These steps include masks, hand-sanitizer, asking about any recent symptomology, and/or other appropriate and necessary social-distancing measures. If you let us know what you are most comfortable with, we are prepared to meet you on the same level.

We have installed touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers and are prepared to offer/provide masks and/or gloves. We are eager to hear how we can make your experiences with our team, as well as in our offices, as comfortable and respected as possible. We are very prepared to discuss additional measures and make them available to ensure you have as many options available to help you feel comfortable, respected, safe, welcome, and confident.

Over the last several months, we have continued to grow our team and do all we can to increase our availability and ensure that we are able to continue providing services to those in need; as that need continues to grow, we we continue to do our best to respond, in kind.

We want to thank you for allowing us, and working with us, to remain confident in your, and our, safety as we continue to do all we can to minimize any risk of exposure.