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Employment Opportunities

While we may not be actively seeking individuals for the roles below, we are open to exploring possibilities together as we are always looking to grow our team and our reach. We just want to make sure it's with the right individuals and for the right reasons.

We are currently open to meeting individuals for the following positions.

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Mental Health Counselor/Therapist.

Medication Manager.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Specialist (CBRS).

Target Case Management (TCM).

Certified Peer Support.

Certified Youth Support.

Join The Pride!


We provide Counseling Services to All of Idaho (all Idaho residents). Because of our ability to utilize safe and secure telehealth technology, we encourage therapists throughout All of Idaho, as well as those that may not live in Idaho but are licensed in the state of Idaho to consider joining our team.

We employ both Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC's and LCPC's) as well as Licensed Social Workers (LMSW's and LCSW's). We employ both in-person as well as telehealth therapists. In-person therapists will be asked to provide both options (in-person and telehealth) for clients they serve.

If you're an Idaho Licensed Therapist looking for a truly supportive and communicative company with integrity, we invite you to get to know us better. We'd be honored to discuss the potential of meeting each other's needs. To connect with us, please feel free to email us, call in, or use the quick message option at the bottom of this page.


Community Providers

Community-Based Rehabilitation and Case Management positions require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in psychology or human services course of study. Certified Support positions (Certified Peer Support and Certified Youth Support) require a certification issued from an eligible Idaho-based training entity.  

We provide all of our community services in-person within the Treasure Valley. Telehealth resources can be used when necessary and appropriate, but these services are typically in-person and take place within the community, together, side-by-side.

Employment Benefits

Competitive Pay.

PTO program (start accruing at 90 days).

401(k) Program.

Reimbursement rates for documentation related tasks (not typically elsewhere).

Flexible Part-Time & Full-Time Availability.

Thorough Training/Shadowing Program.

Excellent Team Support and Communication.

    Why We Are Different  

    When a team works together, it brings individual strengths together and cancels weaknesses out. Whether we are providing services from our office, the community, or remotely (through telehealth), we highly value each of our team members and work hard to remain connected and supportive. Of course, every agency offers that statement, or something similar. We say it, we mean it, and we back it. We encourage you to reach out to our staff members and ask them directly; contact information for each team member is available on our 'Meet The Pride' page on our website. We emphasize the importance of both team and individualized support, as well as continued learning and education. We also place incredible value on communication and recognize how essential it is for the success of our clients, as well as for our team members. At Pride Mental Health, you are part of something better.  

    We strive to provide a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere that helps to make all individuals feel safe and welcome, team members and clients alike. While other companies focus on numbers, we focus on the individual, the therapeutic process, and all that we can do to serve and strengthen our communities. We are consistently evaluating the appropriateness as well as the effectiveness of the services we offer. We believe in hope. We believe in growth. We believe in potential. Most importantly, we believe in helping others realize the possibility of better managing life’s challenges.  

    Our Mission is to develop professional relationships and work together with individuals to identify, utilize, and increase personal strengths that offer opportunities to develop or regain control over mental health and daily life. We assist individuals in accomplishing self-directed goals by providing professional, non-judgmental, and caring support, through therapy and various community services with  

    Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Effort.

    Quick Contact

    Please use the form below to message and connect with us to learn more about the position(s) we have available. We'd be excited to hear from you! You may also email your resume to