Irene Crook, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker


For Irene's availability and scheduling, please contact our Boise office.  


Irene's Bio

Hello.  I’ll just tell you a little about myself.  I have been a Social Worker for quite some time now and I still love it.  I have been asked when I plan to retire and my answer is never.  I can offer life experience, common sense, humor, and empathy to my clients.  I think I relate well to people of all ages and situations. I look forward to meeting you. 

I have a large family with 4 children, their spouses, and 13 grandchildren, expanding to many cultures, ethnicities, and faiths.  I guess I felt that I didn’t have enough to do and so decided to broaden my world with exchange students.  I now have close ties with more sons, daughters, their families, and their friends from around the world.  One of my most amazing experiences was a trip to India, with a ride on a camel, and a shopping trip to a mall with over 1000 sari shops.  Of course I was accompanied by approximately 15 Indian family members, friends, and neighbors who acted as guides, protectors, negotiators, and translators.  I read somewhere that planning trips is a great way to reduce stress and so I am constantly planning my next adventure.  I always hope I will actually get to take the trip. 

 I love to work with plants and I generally have a wide variety of vegetables and a lot of color in my seasonal garden.  I enjoy landscaping and decorating my yard with refurbished thrift store finds.  This is yet another great stress reducer.  

I enjoy listening to music of all genres.  Wagner, Queen, Cher, One Direction, and lately, Houser.  I love them all.  With all the new road rules, one can’t rock out and pay attention to driving at the same time as we all previously used to do.  My grandkids used to tell me I was embarrassing them, but I think they secretly liked it as I was rockin’ to their music.   Music keeps me centered and calm, and most importantly, present.