Kelsey Pippin, CPS

Administrative Assistant & Certified Peer Support

With a willingness to listen and learn, Kelsey serves Pride as the Office Assistant and Receptionist. She really come to love the field of psychology and has developed a passion for furthering her knowledge and experience. Growing up, Kelsey had the dream of becoming a forensic psychologist. Her love for psychology and Metal Health shines through in her work at Pride.
Kelsey works with the team in mind. She recognizes her strengths in multi-tasking as well as thriving in high stress situations. With these tools in her belt, she finds her passion in taking care of her own mental health. Kelsey spends her free time working on her self-care along with spending time with family. Kelsey enjoys living life to the fullest and making the most out of every day.

Recently, Kelsey earned her Certified Peer Support certificate, having voiced her interest after working with the team for nearly a year. In such, Kelsey found and is now building upon a new found passion for Peer Support. This new role comes very naturally and Kelsey is eager to continue developing additional and appropriate skills that will aid in any professional peer relationship.