Michelle Romero, CBRS/TCM/CPSS/CYSS

Community-Based Rehabilitation Specialist, Target-Case Manager,

Certified Peer Support Specialist, & Certified Youth Support Specialist

Michelle earned her Associates degree in Psychology and her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She brings over 20 years of experience to the team, assisting others with both physical and mental health challenges and connecting them to appropriate services. She’s a very caring individual that believes everyone deserves a chance to be successful, which she holds as the drive which started her pursuits in the mental health and social work field. 

Michelle has a special way of accepting others as they are and meeting them at their own unique levels and simply feels a calling to help them in all ways possible. She has a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to learn. When asked to name someone she admires, in true Michelle fashion, her response is “everyone” and holds that every person has something to overcome; some type of personal traumatic event or experience and believes everyone has the potential to do so. She is proud to say that she is always learning, and her goal is simple… to be happy in everything she does. 

She loves holding discussions with others; about anything, anywhere, and anytime. She is passionate about suicide prevention, children & youth, homelessness, elderly, and the environment. In her spare time you can find her making candles, spending time with friends, and working out. Moving forward, Michelle hopes to be earning more certifications in the field, going back to school to advance her career skills. Within the next five years she would like to write a book, travel with the purpose of helping others, and pursuing her PHD. 

Quotes/Mottos: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

Michelle’s paraphrased version: “Be the change you want to have happen, with a bag of chips.”