Sophia Falslev, B.S., TCM, CBRS

Target Case Manager, Community-Based Rehabilitation Specialist

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Sophia is just starting out in the field, providing Target-Case Management (TCM) and Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS). Her passion for interacting with, and helping others, drew her to the psychology field, and her active listening and empathy skills allow her to flourish. Thus far, Sophia gains most of her experience in youth behavioral interventions. 

In her spare time, Sophia enjoys writing poetry and one day soon hopes to publish a book of poems. While there are many who inspire Sophia to be the best person she can be, she offers that her admiration for Maya Angelo comes from an ability to turn life struggles into knowledge and something beautiful; something productive and contributive. Sophia’s desire to help those around her, make others feel comfortable, and her genuinely caring personality all shine through in several aspects of her day-to-day life, including in her roles here at Pride Mental Health. When Sophia wins the lottery, she plans to spend enough to contribute back to family, friends, and her community, and would then donate the rest.