Tracie Helget, B.S., TCM

Target Case Manager

Tracie has been working in the field for over 7 years. While much of this experience is in recovery based services, Tracie obtained her Bachelor's degree and wanted to shift focus toward cognitive and behavioral aspects; the mental health challenges that impact individuals on a daily basis. Tracie is very passionate in her advocacy and readiness to help others in any of the many communities she serves. Through her personal and professional experiences, Tracie has developed a wonderful array of community resources for self-sufficiency, self-improvement, and much more, that she is excited and eager to share with others.

Drawing from her personal experience, Tracie dedicates her life to helping others be successful, and feels honored to be any part of being allowed to help others feel capable and confident, proving that with focus and encouragement, anything can be achieved. Tracie lives by her personal motto "living life with an attitude of gratitude, you can achieve anything."

Previous to joining Pride Mental Health, Tracie's experience in the field, in her nearly 8 years, include Substance Abuse Support, Peer Support, Family Support, Depression, and Anxiety. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, gardening, and spending time with her family. She wants to be remembered as someone who taught others that building comes from within, and there is never anything too impossible if you are willing to grow. Tracie feels strongly about, advocates for, and helps raise awareness for organizations that promote Suicide Awareness/Prevention as well as the Prevention of Child Abuse, such as AFSP and MADD.