Pride Mental Health

A Little About Us

We are a different kind of Mental Health Service Provider. not because of What we offer, but because of Why and How we offer our services.  

Our Mission is to work together and develop professional relationships with individuals to identify and utilize personal strengths that offer opportunities to develop or regain control over daily life and mental health.     

We assist individuals in accomplishing self-directed goals by providing professional, non-judgmental, and caring support through therapy and various community services with Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Effort.

Pride Mental Health 

A Counseling and Community Services Agency

a little more about us...

 We've seen how NOT to provide these important services. We are a team of individuals who have been in the mental health field a long time, and have seen how easily and quickly both the client, as well as the professional staff, can be taken advantage of.  

We refuse to compromise an individual's well-being, our integrity, or our purpose by contributing to an existing problem. Rather, we are very confident in the 'how,' we deliver our services. More importantly (to us), we are confident in the 'why,' At Pride Mental Health, the client and their goals are the priority.  

We exist as a team (a Pride), set on functioning from a platform that is not only available for the community, but a platform that allows our services to be effective, appropriate, and compassionate, with integrity, and honesty. Our services give power back to the client. 

Pride Mental Health is designed for the community, by those that grew up in the community; most of us are Idaho natives, having grown up right here. If you (or someone you know) have a need, we invite you to let us help; we'd be honored to do so. 

 The most important points we can try to make, is that we are offering services the way they should be offered; We are here, and we plan to work hard to ensure we continue being here; And that our services are, and will always be, provided with...

Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Effort

 Thank you!!