Becoming a Client

 We continue to do our best to make the process of becoming a client quick and easy... while keeping it professional. We are very excited to help you on your path.

Please choose the best option for you.

 Option 1 (Most Popular):

We can email you Electronic Intake Packets that allow you to fill out/complete your packet, and then electronically sign. This method is designed to help you speed through (and take the guess work out of) the paperwork process.

  • You can message us using our Quick Contact form on our Contact page, or simply call the office. You can also reach out by any means that you prefer (email, social media platforms, etc.) to request your electronic intake packet.


Option 2:

You can visit our office and complete your paperwork in person. Save the paper, save the ink, save the time, save the hassle. We have packets in the office, ready and available at any time.  You can pick it up and take it home, or complete it in the office. Regardless, we'd be excited to meet you and the opportunity to answer any questions and/or help you through your process.

Welcome To Pride Mental Health!

We Look Forward to Working Together.

A Personal Message from Dane,

Owner & Operator of Pride Mental Health

 First of all, great job. I mean it. You and I may have never met, but I'm proud of you. Truly. It takes an amazing amount of courage to have made the decisions leading you here, to this page. I know, because I've been there. The good news, right out of the gate is that getting to this point, has already included some of the hardest steps in the process; certainly by way of all that you have, most likely, been facing alone so far.

Please know, you are no longer alone. You already have a team of professionals ready to help; ready to help you learn skills necessary to effectively carry, eliminate, and further prevent the weight of what you are going through.

Thank you for making the decision to work on yourself. It's a very difficult thing to do. But by doing so, your not just changing your own life, you are changing and impacting, the lives of those around you, thereby making your community better, stronger, more positive, more understanding, and more compassionate. Most Importantly, Thank You for choosing us, Pride Mental Health, as your support. We are deeply invested in your growth, development, and mental wellness.

Once more, these are the last steps you will have taken on your own. We truly can help take it from here. Take Pride in your Path, your Process, your Progress, and your Potential. I'm Dane M. Mullen, Owner/Operator at Pride Mental Health.

Welcome to our Pride; HERE, YOU MATTER.


and with Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Effort,

Dane M. Mullen