Jonathan pumphrey, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker


For Jonathan's availability and scheduling, please call us at 208.322.2928.

Jonathan is a Licensed Masters Social Worker. He has been in the mental health field for nearly 10 years. He uses a wide variety of skillsets pulling from CBT, DBT, CPT, (to name a few) and states that his style of therapy is very versatile. He is newly licensed in Idaho and has been with Pride Mental Health for about a year after having moved himself and his family from the (awesome) state of Texas. He tries to keep his Texan accent under control but makes no promises that it does not slip out.

Jonathan states that one of his goals as a therapist is to help those he serves recognize where they may develop a sense of control in their lives, and conversely help identify areas in which we sometimes spend time, effort, and energy fixated on things that are beyond our control. His primary focus beyond that is to help those served to understand the power behind thoughts and thinking patterns and to change and let go of the unhelpful ones and replace them with a greater sense of balanced thoughts. 

He has taken an interest in working with the military and veteran population. He is also able to assist men with men’s issues. As well as helping those manage depression/anxiety, grief, and self-esteem and anger issues.

When he is not working, it’s a safe bet that he is spending time with his family. Being so new to Idaho, he has enjoyed getting out and exploring, and is always open to new suggestions on what to do and see.