Yiska Hugo, M.S., LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

Email: y.hugo.pride@gmail.com 

For Yiska's availability and scheduling, please call us at 208.322.2928.

Yiska has been working in the mental health field for several years, primarily providing Community-Based Rehabilitation and Case Management Services. Having earned his Master’s in Social Work, Yiska has been with Pride Mental Health for two years and has honed in his counseling skill set. He is easy to connect with and enjoys working with the neurodiverse population as well as populations including invisible disabilities, marginalized groups, chronic illness, and military/veterans. 

Yiska has a passion for helping to destigmatize mental health and mental illness and intends to remain focused on helping raise awareness and assist in providing resources for suicide prevention related to invisible chronic illnesses, and in all aspects of life. Yiska is very talented at being able to think outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Yiska is currently learning more about Tag Teach and wants to complete his Level One Certificate. 

Outside of work, Yiska enjoys spending time with his service dog and his pet cat at home. He is continuing his journey in learning how to unicycle. He is also proficient at cross-stitching. 

Personal Motto:

“Therapy gives you the armor so that the words people tell you don't feel like daggers through your skin.”