Pride Mental Health CBRS Services

Community-Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) is a home and community-based program available to adults and children who are suffering from a severe and persistent mental illness. It promotes recovery through skill-building and assists the individuals with integration into their community. CBRS provides services aimed at helping the member improve their quality of life through the teaching and practicing of effective and appropriate coping strategies.

CBRS assists individuals with identifying, building, and utilizing empowerment, growth, development, and skill enhancement to educate and support individuals in achieving individualized/personalized goals, such as basic living skills, medication management, finances, socialization in the community, coping with mental & physical disabilities, and more. CBRS also helps connect individuals to their community by integrating them into community supports and advocating on their behalf. Community-Based Rehabilitation is typically conducted in community settings.

CBRS Services focus on symptom management, and are an extension of your therapy. Ask your counselor for more details and together, decide whether CBRS Services are appropriate for you. This decision should always be made between you and your counselor.