Pride Mental Health Services

Pride Mental Health is a Counseling and Community Services agency, committed to offering Mental Health Services the way they should be provided; with experience, integrity, respect, and unconditional positive regard. The purpose of our services is to impact, educate, and assist the communities we are committed to. 

  Our Pride Members are professional, ethical, experienced, and ready to offer help, using various types of therapies, counseling modalities, and evidence-based practices. We are honored to be part of this community and we intend to offer all that we can to it. If you have a need, we invite you to let us help you with it. Pride Mental Health is about coming together; it's about community.


Services We Proudly Offer

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Telehealth Services

Counseling Services

Target Case Management (TCM Services)

Certified Peer Support (CPS Services)

Certified Youth Support (CYS Services)

Certified Family Support (CFS Services)

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBRS Services)

*We also work with several individuals and agencies in an effort to provide professional Interpreter Services when needed.

Please don't hesitate to let us know about any barriers to care you may have, we'll be more than happy to help resolve any issues that prevent you from getting the care you want, need, and deserve.