Dane M. Mullen, B.S., CPRP


"Success is nice... as long as you don't lose your Integrity in the process." 

- Harold Horshak

An Idaho native, born and raised, Dane earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2012, and used it to jump immediately into the counseling field; specifically, psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR, now called CBRS: Community-Based Rehabilitation). While Dane loves working in the field, working with clients, and using his knowledge and experience to continue helping others, he stumbled into a new passion... team building. Setting his goals of becoming a therapist aside, Dane paused his master's degree pursuits to start Pride Mental Health and do all he can to bring a compassionate and knowledgeable team together that can effectively, appropriately, and for all the right reasons, offer a positive impact and help strengthen the community. Dane feels as though his primary purpose (his role) is to provide valuable, appropriate, and accessible resources as well as support the community, helping with anything he, or the company, can. He believes that if he can, he should (help).

He admires his parents for having raised five children and for setting examples as parents, spouses, community member, working professionals, and eventually as grandparents. Dane also deeply admires his wife because of the mother she is to their children, her hard-work ethic, and all of her efforts to influence others to strive for better, including Dane.

Dane values family above everything else, and is a very dedicated husband and father. Outside of Pride Mental Health, you will likely either find him with his family (usually being goofy), behind a drum kit somewhere (he is an active member of the local music community), or in the outdoors enjoying his love for the mountains and nature. Dane wants to be remembered as an example for good. He wants to inspire others to be their best selves possible, who in turn continue inspiring others to live honestly, compassionately, unbiased, and with understanding and unconditional positive regard; to inspire others to do all things in life with honor, respect, and integrity.